All You Want To Know about what is khat plant (qat, catha edulis)

is catha edulis the same as khat plant?

can catha edulis seeds be used in propagation?

So What is khat or qat?

This is an evergreen shrub of the burning bush family in the plant kingdom. The khat also known as qat-catha edulis is characterized by its leaves which grow to about 4 inches long and small, white, 5 petal flowers and grows to a height of 10 feet tall. This plant is widely grown in Yemen and east African countries of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. Although, the plant is grown in the horn of Africa and Middle East it is said to have originated from South Africa.

Khat – catha edulis is cultivated as an outdoor plant in fast drained, poorly nutrient rich and moist soil, however, it does best in hot areas and poor dry areas. The khat plant, catha edulis, is grown in Florida and California in an outdoor environment and in greenhouses in north.

khat, catha edulis, what is khat, qat, khat plantThe propagation of qat plant – catha edulis is through cutting as it rarely seeds here. The cuttings are taken in spring and are propagated effectively by layering.  The qat plant – catha edulis should be pruned to keep it compact and produce more buds.  The young leaves, the bud and branch tips are harvested and may be used fresh or dried.

Catha edulis this the botanical name of the khat plant. The shrub is classified under the plant family known as celastraceae. However the name catha edulis come from the plants genetic and species names, catha as genus and edulis as species. The leaves of catha edulis are traditionally chewed as a stimulant, contains cathinone and cathine. Khat – catha edulis has a historic, cultural and social tradition in the eastern Africa and Yemen. However, it has been widely used in the United Kingdom.

Catha edulis – Khat plant has along history of human use for its mind or emotion altering properties. These properties have made it banned or illegal in some countries. Catha edulis, qat, has developed an attraction as a cash crop due to its poor growing climatic conditions. Some of the countries that consider khat illegal are: – Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Canada and United States it is considered a drug according to the United States controlled substance act.

Khat is rarely grown from seeds in its native habitation an effort to develop a higher quality strain is growing. Catha edulis seed is resulting to be the only mode of propagation to achieve this objective and also the only solution to grow qat in restrictive areas. Khat seed is also sold to develop an ornamental foliage plant, the Khat plant can be grown as an excellent container garden as well.

Some of the benefits of khat – qat – catha edulis plant.

1. Khat acts as a stimulant and those who use it become more attentive and talkative.

2.  It lifts the spirit and can sharpen once thinking.

3.  Khat can produce a feeling of ecstasy.

4.  Khat also relieves symptoms of stomach disorders.

5.   Khat ingredient, cathine, accelerates the development of sperm to a stage where they become more fertile.

6.  It is a major economic supporter to the countries that has legalized its growth and use.

7.  It supports the recreation activities. Recreation houses are set up for consumption of khat tea and chewing of the leaves, especially in countries like Yemen and Somalia.

So that is all info about what is khat plant (qat – catha edulis)…keep on chewing …

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